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by Diane & Kathy, Blog by BMPT-Shirts.com - August 31, 2017

Anti Bullying Quotes: If Words Can Hurt, Words Can Heal...

We use words that heal to create anti bullying quotes and slogans. Our collection of anti bullying gay t shirts, hoodies and pajamas focus on positive, self empowering messages meant to counteract the negative voices heard or read on social media. LGBT Youth returned to school in a social climate of open hostility towards minority groups.

The Effects of Bullying

Words are killing children as a result of bullying. Your positive thoughts are the best weapon you have against bullying. When you hear negative words at school or read on social media, they start to occupy your thoughts. Once you believe them, thoughts of suicide start to form. This is a red flag to YOU! The most important voice you need to listen to is your own! Do NOT internalize their words about you! Build your own self esteem by giving yourself credit for all the good, smart things you do and are capable of. Do not rely on praise from others for your self-worth!

BMP T-Shirts developed a collection of self-empowering designs specifically to help bolster confidence in LGBT youth. We want to build on the power of the LGBT Community based on the ideas of those who came before, to be passed onto those who will come after. The purpose of our anti bullying collection is to be there with you as positive reminders about yourself and that you are not alone!

Anti Bullying Quotes for LGBT Youth

Anti Bullying Quotes T Shirt by BMPT-Shirts.com

How do you stand up to a bully? Build yourself up in your own mind with anti bullying quotes. Every morning, check your thoughts. Are you thinking about the way the bullies are going to treat you? Or are you thinking about how you are totally equipped to handle what lies ahead?

This is where our Anti Bullying T Shirt Collection comes in handy. In order to create your positive mental attitude, start with reading and repeating the Anti Bullying Quotes to the right. When you are first doing this, stare at it for at least a half an hour. Crazy? Maybe, but try it at least once and take note of your thoughts. Notice any changes? You need to embed them in your memory to prepare you for your day. We also offer our anti bullying designs on magnets, buttons and stickers to keep with you should you need it during school!

Now when you are home from school, this is the perfect time to work on what you love to do, such as music, art, dance, fashion, etc. Focus your mind and energy on something you really love. Try to stay off social media so you enjoy this time for yourself and before you have to do homework.

Choose your friends wisely and be prepared if they decide to not hang out with you for whatever reason. People will come and go throughout your life but you will always have you! We tried to look at some of those relationships whether good or bad, as part of learning what kind of people you like and who share the same values as you. You will be amazed at the changes you will see people go through as well as yourself during the time you are in school. You are all learning. Some will learn how to be bad and some will learn how to be good. The choice is yours. We think being good feels better! Should someone take advantage of your kindness, it's a reflection on them and you will know better for the next time. Leave them with all the regrets.

Try These Suggestions:

Write down your best qualities. Don't stop until you have filled an entire page! Read it every morning! Bullies want to make you feel inferior and small. They want you to retreat. Do not retreat, shrink or cower. Stand tall and make yourself "big". Stand up, chest out, head up! Look them directly in the eye and let them rattle on but don't listen. In your head, repeat empowering words to yourself! When they finally run out of garbage, ask, "Are you finished? Do you feel better now? I'll bet if you knew me better, we would be friends." If they reply with more negative garbage, say, "OK. Suit yourself." And then walk away.

This is called confrontation. It's very uncomfortable, but effective. Do not engage on their level and by all means do not resort to shouting, name calling, etc (their level). Speak from your own truth and that you know you are right.

The first time you try this, it will be one of the hardest things you will experience. Scary? Absolutely! Necessary? YES! This is by no means easy and you may not be successful the first time you try. But keep at it until you are successful. It will leave you with a triumphant feeling and empower you!

Our Personal Experience

While we were Christmas shopping at a local mall, a group of young men sensed that we were a lesbian couple. They started taunting and following us from store to store as we tried to avoid an unpleasant situation. Realizing this wasn't working, we started talking to them, acting as though they were friends of ours and following them from store to store. They started trying to get away from US! COOL! We couldn't believe it!

That was then and this is now and people are certainly more hostile and combative. Is it dangerous to confront people? Yes, and in our case, we were in a public place so there was a certain level of safety. Stay away from isolated places where physical violence could occur.

Final Thoughts:

  • Never give up on YOU!
  • Your feelings are never wrong or inappropriate and don't defend them!
  • Your opinion of yourself is MOST Important!
  • You always have you!
  • Take care of yourself, then you can take care of others!
  • Repeat Anti Bullying Quotes by BMPT-Shirts.com often!

Feel inspired? Leave your comments below and share your story with us.

*If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or log on to http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org. Help is available 24/7.

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