How To Stop Bullying? Don't Be A Victim! |

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How To Stop Bullying? Don't Be A Victim! |

October is Anti Bullying Month and we at feel the way to stop bullying is to not become a victim! You need to build up your resilience the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning! Here's how.

Don't be a victim!

The first step is to refuse to think or see yourself as a victim. Do not internalize the words you hear or read about yourself. Don't Need Your Approval to Stop Bullying by BMPT-Shirts.comFor example, if you are called stupid or ugly, you must totally refute it loud and clear! Say to yourself: "I AM Smart! I AM good looking!" Just get the bad words out of your head immediately! (Read our related article, "If Words Can Hurt, Words Can Heal...")

Speaking from our personal experiences, your best defense is a strong offense. No, it doesn't mean you become a bully. It means your best protection is to develop a strong sense of yourself. If you try to be like them, you will lose yourself. We all know those "clicks" that exist in every grade level. Do not try to be like them in order to gain their acceptance. It's a waste of time trying to be like "them" in order to fit in! It just doesn't work! In fact, you might be happier not fitting in because it will be a waste of effort trying to keep up with their changing values. It's the loners and outcasts that make huge marks on the world. Study and read about the lives of Allen Turing, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Steven Hawking for inspired reading.

Be careful not to be put into a position of having to defend what you think and feel. You are entitled to your thoughts and feelings and there is no right or wrong. You can always revise and change according to situations and that's a part of your growing up process. Form your own opinions and stick to what is true for you.

Can you stop bullying?

In order to do that, you would have to change the person bullying you and that's impossible! Don't even bother trying! You do not have the power to change anyone! And they do not have the power to change you unless you let them! 

There are things you can do! The only person you can change is yourself. If you keep the focus on making you the best person you can be, you will not have time to waste on the opinions of others who do not matter to you. It's a great feeling to not have the burden of trying to "fix" something or someone. That's a huge mistake that people make.

What about Cyber Bullying?

Stay off of social media if the conversation turns ugly. You won't be able to stop it and it will only cause you harm. What is being said are lies and your friends who know and love you know they are lies. If you do use social media, use it wisely. Do NOT post ANY pictures of yourself that you will later regret. THINK before you post! Think about how the image will reflect on you by asking, "Six months from now, will this still be a good idea? If my family saw this, what would they think?" These are important questions to ask yourself before posting anything. It may follow you the rest of your life. Be extremely careful!

How Do You Stop Bullying? Leave your comments below and join the discussion.

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