Anti Bullying Ads: Helping Or Hurting? |

by Diane & Kathy,

Anti Bullying Ads: Helping Or Hurting? |

Some Anti Bullying Advertising contains some of the most gruesome images on the internet. Granted, the topic is as ugly as it gets but what purpose does it serve when victims start searching for answers? What do they see? More importantly, how does it make them feel?

What's Wrong With This Picture? Everything!

Take a good look at this image to the right. We assume the intent is to dramatize the effects of bullying visually. But does this image traumatize the victim? Are we sending the wrong message?

We think so! It looks as though the victim is absorbing those false accusations by having them written on her face. Why or how is this helping to fight against bullying? Isn't this reinforcing those terrible words on their psyche? Upon seeing this image, would they internalize and start to accept the meaning of these words as their reality? Do they accept or reject those adjectives? This is where the danger lies.

Who is this image for? The bully or the bullied?

If this is image was created to soften a bully, we think it is safe to say that this would probably have no effect. The problem is the bully must want to change their own behavior. And that is the other side of the problem. The power they have is perceived weakness over the victim and bystanders by controlling through their anger.

So if the image is for the one being bullied, the victim is victimizing herself. You are now at a severe disadvantage and operating from a point of weakness.

We believe our divergent sexuality is where we draw our strength! That is why we create positive, mental images that build on our strengths, not weaknessness! And that is what makes BMP T-Shirts a different kind of LGBT T Shirt Company.

We can not change anyone's behavior but our own. We are here to help because we have been through this ourselves. (Subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed for our upcoming blogs, "If Words Can Hurt, Words Can Heal" and "How To Stop Bullying" about our own personal experiences when harassed in public.

We hope this article sheds some light on how to look at the issue of bullying LGBT Youth. Please leave your comments below.

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