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BMP T-Shirts started creating gay pride designs in 2003 to give voice to the LGBT community. We wanted to create designs that were inspired by the gay rights movement that began with the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and continue today. We are a gay pride clothing company that is exclusively lesbian owned and operated.

Since then, we have developed BMP T-Shirts into a brand unlike anything else. Remaining true to the causes we believe in, our designs reflect our staunch attitudes on anti-bullying, gay pride, and a humor that is unique to the LGBT community.

Our t-shirts have been used as costumes in an off-Broadway production of “Naked Boys Singing” and our design, “Be Happy AND Gay” was part of the scenic set of a Tony Award Winning revival of “The Normal Heart."

Be Happy AND Gay by BMPT-Shirts.com, as used in The Normal Heart


Glenn Beck with Kathy and Diane of BMPT-Shirts.com

In November of 2014, we made national news by being interviewed for a story as a result of a blog post comment over the rights of a Christian business owner in "The Blaze." The story triggered a national debate over the “rights of conscience” verses the discrimination of LGBT consumers.

The publicity surrounding the story grabbed the attention of Glenn Beck, formerly of Fox News, who launched his own media network in 2011, “The Blaze.” We were invited to appear on The Glenn Beck Show on Nov 6, 2014 to discuss our views, which catapulted us into the headlines.

Gearing up for an extraordinary 2017 Pride Season, BMP T-Shirts submitted their original design to represent the National Pride March in Washington, DC. Slated as The Equality March for Unity and Pride(#EqualityMarch2017), this global event will take place on Sunday, June 11th, 2017. We love the challenge of creating new designs for an ever-evolving gay community.

BMP T-Shirts is proud to help support local gay and lesbian organizations, as well as the national organization, MatthewShepard.org, by donating a portion of every sale.

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