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The Ultimate Guide to the Equality March for Unity and Pride | #EqualityMarch2017

The Equality March for Unity and Pride (#EqualityMarch2017), will take place in Washington on June 11th, combined with Capital Pride (#CapitalPride). This collaborative event is expected to draw over 300,000 marchers. 

The Equality March will be a bittersweet gathering as it will mark the first anniversary of the Orlando Massacre and the passing of Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag who passed away on March 31st.

The March in Washington has generated Pride Marches around the world. If you plan on attending any one of them,  you may need to bring some additional items to make your event more comfortable. We thought we would share some tips to help you prepare to get the most out of the March and Festival in Washington!


Gay Pride T-Shirts are a must for this occasion and will be in abundance! Everyone will be wearing the rainbow pride colors, so let your pride shine! It will be a fun and exhilarating day and with so many people, it may be difficult to have access to things you will need immediately. 

But here are other considerations:

Ultimate Guide to Gay T-Shirts |

Dress for the Weather: According to the Farmer's Almanac, Sunday, June 11th calls for a 70% chance of rain. Even if the weather changes as we get closer, assume it’s going to rain.

Comfortable Shoes: The most important thing is something comfortable that you can walk in for hours. For most of us, that will be sneakers or sandals. Be sure that they are your most comfortable and not shoes you just purchased. Wear good socks and bring an extra pair just in case.

Waterproof Your Shoes, if necessary: If you choose to wear sneakers and there is a good chance it will rain, you may want to buy waterproofing.


A Fanny Pack or Small Purse: Not the most flattering but a small fanny pack should be enough to hold your wallet, identification, money, and your cell phone.

A Tote Bag: For this occasion, an open bag might work best to put your stuff in. Your gay pride tote can easily open and be searched for security reasons.


Snacks: You may be needing an energy boost, so be sure to bring a couple of granola or protein bars.